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Shortly about myself:

Photography became a part of my life in 2008, when I got my first DSLR camera and a couple of lenses. I shot for myself for about a year and realized that photography is something I really enjoy doing. I could spend over an hour capturing the sunset above the frozen Ural River in -40 degrees Celsius without feeling cold. I would shoot people running under the heavy rain, while becoming all wet myself. I remember being so impressed, seeing pictures taken by Reuters, Associated Press, and other international agencies photographers. The idea of becoming a photojournalist has been on my mind since.


I put together a portfolio of my top 20 pictures and went around local magazines and newspapers looking for an opportunity to start my photojournalist career. Surprisingly, I got a few offers to become a freelancer. About a year later I took a head photographer position at “East-West Alliance” magazine. It was run by government and I had a pleasure of covering all major city and political events while working there. Later on, I was part of a collaboration with a few news agencies, news papers, and magazines. I still cover some events for them from time to time.


I have relocated to Calgary in June 2012 and been photographing a lot since then. After my graduation from Ambrose University in 2017, I signed a contract with Beep for Service and went around the country shooting pictures and videos for the startup. I`m back to Calgary now and happy to offer my services to you! 

Few of my Clients

  • Thompson Reuters,


  • RIA Novosti

  • Beep For Service

  • Voice of Alberta

  • Ambrose University

  • Russian Reporter

  • Media-Group Znak

  • East-West Alliance

  • Vibiray

  • Shop&Go

  • Sovetskii Sport

  • Clean Air Champions

  • Artem Financial

  • Boston Pizza Memorial Dr


Contact Me


T- 587-999-7777

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