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Cross-Canada. Alberta - Ontario.

My way from Calgary to Ontario was through Regina, north Manitoba, and Winnipeg.

I only had one night in Regina, and went for a walk around Wascana Lake and Legislative building.

The statue of Queen Elizabeth is situated right in front of it.

Another statue of Walter Scott is located closer to the lake. Apparently, one of the birds did not like the first Saskatchewan`s premier :)

People were all around the area either walking or jogging. But, the amount of geese by the lake was incredible.

It was getting darker.

And after the walk, I went on Wascana Hill to watch a sunset, which was very colorful and bright!

Both, SK and MB views were very similar to AB with the farmer`s fields and a few lakes along the road.

One of the lakes was covered in salt? At least it was looking like it.

When I realized that Riding Mountain National Park is on my way, I decided to #explore it quickly. It was a great #experience! It started with an awesome view down the road.

And continued with the mamma bear followed by the two cubs

The encounter lasted a moment before the bears disappeared in the nearest bushes and I moved forward.

A few moments later, the bamby and its mother decided to cross the road right in front of me.

After taking a couple pics and saying buy to them, I finally went towards Winnipeg.

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