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The Plain of Six Glaciers

It was crazy busy at the lake Louse this day. We spent at least 20 minutes looking for a parking spot. We finally got lucky and went towards the Plain of Six Glaciers. Lake Louis area was extremely busy. I`d say there were at least 200 people around there. But further from the lake we were less people were around.

We had a choice of going along lake Louise or up the hill towards Mirror lake. However our destination was Victoria glacier. It was a wise decision to choose a short route, because we spent about 7 hours on the trip. We returned around 9 pm, just before a sunset! Overall time includes an hour we spent at the tea house, which is located about 20 minutes away from the glaciers point of view.

Weather in mountains is changing unpredictably. By the time we reached Victoria glacier heavy rain started, and got us completely wet. However it was quite a view up there, and the rain did not spoil our impression of the trip! Moreover it caused several rainbows to appear in front of us!

Rain ended soon and we moved back towards the lake Louise. The area is called bear country, but we did not get a chance to meet one. Although we have seen many chipmunks that live all other the place and come out to say hi to hikers. There were also a few other species including pikas, squirrels, and some others. It was a great day long trip! I suggest you to hike there, if you have not been there yet!


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