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Vancouver Island, British Columbia, part 1

Our trip to Victoria was unexpected for us. Saturday night we decided to go there, and Monday morning we were on our way. We reached Vancouver almost without stops. Next morning we were in Tsawwassen, waiting for the ferry to Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island. There is an option to make a reservation online and do not wait, however we decided that it would not be a problem to get on the ferry. Surprisingly, eleven o`clock ferry was sold out, and we had to spend an extra hour in the port.

We got onto the next available ferry and started our trip from Vancouver to the island enjoying the beautiful views around.

You can either sit inside the ferry, in the covered area outside, walk on the deck, or even relax in your car on the lower levels.

We have met few returning ferries on our way.

Some properties on the surrounding islands are located on the beautiful banks of the ocean. There are few lighthouses on the way as well.

Trip takes about 1,5 hours, but time on the ferry flies quickly. After lunch in Victoria we decided to drive around the city. We drove along the ocean to Ogden Point Breakwater and stopped there for a walk. The place was great and we watched a sunset there.

There were a symbol of Canada floating in the water.

And a few birds around.

It was an awesome night, but we had to go to sleep to find out what the next day prepared for us. Next morning we booked a kayaking tour with the Kelp Reef Adventures which is located on the Fisherman`s Wharf. I will highly recommend to take this tour! It was unforgettable. We happened to be around harbour seals and their babies who was very curious and was coming really close, and swimming under our kayaks! It was unbelievable!!!

The birthing season for harbour seals is from July to August. Little ones weigh about 10 kg at birth. It takes them around 2 months to grow to the size of adults.

Our instructor Lucas shared a lot of information about seals, their habitat, and a few stories about his encounters with seals.

Harbour seals usually dive for 3-7 minutes to less than 100m. However they can dive to over 400m and remain under water for up to 40 minutes.

But they spend a lot of time sleeping on the rocks :))

Excited about our kayaking experience, we got back to the Fisherman`s wharf and walked around it for a while.

There was a couple of seals asking for a food there. A crowd of tourists was happy to feed them a fish that was sold right beside.

The seagulls was watching happy tourists and trying to steal the fish right from their hands, sometimes successfully :)

We moved forward to take a look at British Columbia Parliament Buildings.

People mostly take pictures around, but some were meditating.

After all we went around Victoria Harbour and took a sea cab on our way back. It was 3$ one way and lots of fun.

Lucas suggested us to go to Ten Acres restaurant for a dinner (By the way food there was great!!). We heard sounds of saxophones on our way there and stopped to see who was playing.

It was a band called Funk Cannon Their catchy music and outstanding performance made everyone around to stop and enjoy their show.

to be continued...

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