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Agnes Lake and Big Beehive

The hike to the Big Beehive is pretty easy and really beautiful. It took us about 5 hours for the round trip to the top of the mountain. Lake Louise was as busy as usual, full of people and chipmunks.

There are many mushrooms along the path, we even saw few wild strawberries.

There were some nice spots to observe Lake Louis as we were going up.

The first destination was Mirror lake. It is a small lake surrounded by rocks, that is situated in front of Big Beehive.

The road was going up and opening other mountains views along with a waterfall.

The Tea House by Agnes Lake was our next stop. It was nice to have a cup of tea up there!

We kept going around Agnes Lake towards Big Beehive. There are few pictures from Agnes Lake area.

The view of Devils Thumb is great, when you are on the other side of the lake.

Couple of people were enjoying it as well.

We kept walking and left Agnes Lake below us.

The road was going up and and some hikers were coming down :)

We finally reached the highest point of Big Beehive. And enjoyed the sights that are seen from there.

The road back was quick and easy. We did not do any stops and spent about an hour before we got in the car and moved back to Calgary.


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