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The Icefield Parkway

I have driven the Icefield Parkway (one of the most beatiful drives in the world) just once before, and I haven`t gone past Athabasca Glacier. So, this time we decided to spend a night in Jasper to be able to see much more. The trip started with an awesome view of the mountains!

Peyto Lake was our first major stop, where we met this guy.

The amount of snow on the trail was unbelievable. It was almost covering 1,5-2 meters tall information stands.

The next quick and very spectacular hike was Mistaya Canyon. You should try it, if you haven`t been there before. It is very easy and accessible too.

The view from Mistaya parking spot.

All these was great, but the hike to Athabasca Glacier was absolutely fantastic. There were NO other people on the trail to the glacier at all, just a couple at the starting point of the trail.

It felt like we were visiting the North Pole.

These snowballs were appearing because the snow was rolling down, while we were walking higher on the hill.

It was so spectacular that by the time we got back to the parking lot, we realized that we spent more than three hours for the round trip.

The road past Athabasca was quick, but we stopped a couple of times to enjoy the views of the Jasper National Park.

The ice from one of the lakes was crystal and had cool structure.

Next day we visited Maligne Canyone. We skipped it at first, as we did not think there would be something cool to see there, but came back later on and did not regret about it. Maligne Canyon is a MUST see in Jasper National Park! You get a chance to walk down the canyon during the winter, while water in the bottom of the canyon is still frozen.

This guy was saying buy as we were leaving the place :)

Despite that we had very busy and full of adventures two days, I can say that we only explored and saw a tiny part of Jasper National Park and Icefield Parkway. So, we will be back!


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