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Cross - Canada. Edmonton. Pt 1

Edmonton was fun (except the amount of red-light, speed cameras and police with radars on the roads) :)

Edmonton felt much bigger than Calgary. Lots of old buildings, statues, and trees make the city looking comfortable and cozy. Even though I was living in Edmonton for about 4 months in 2008, the only place I`ve been until now was the West Edmonton Mall. Thus, I decided to see some more, and went for a walk on Whyte Ave.

The avenue was pretty crowded.

While walking there, I noticed Junque Cellar shop, and decided to come and take a look at it. It was cool!

The shop offers a lot of old and interesting stuff. Customers were dressed unusual.

All of this created an atmosphere of a movie.

I bought an old 1928 Canadian penny, which I found in the stock of old coins.

Would be definitely happy to visit the store again!

It was getting late, and I went towards Alberta Legislature Building to watch sunset from that area.

I don`t think I found a perfect spot for it, but had a good time walking around.


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