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Magical Aurora. April 22nd 2017

We was a little tired that night, but decided to come out to try our luck.

We did not have many expectations to the lights after a few unsuccessful attempts during the last year. Who knew that we will spend the next 5 hours outside? It was an unbelievable show.

It was something that everybody needs to see at least once in a lifetime! We went somewhere north of Cochrane (we did not have a plan of where to go, and just followed a green haze in the sky).

We made a few stops before the lights became very active.

Aurora was dancing!

It looked like a green-colored fire in the skies!!!

I think it lasted at least three hours.

We realized that it is time to go home almost at 5 am :)

I had just four hours of sleep, but can`t complain about one of the best experiences in my life!!!

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